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Let's Talk Creative is a platform that gives advice to young creatives in industry, interview professionals, feature the fresh faces in the creative industries and provides takeovers to give a unique insight to industry on Instagram. We also ask each of our interviewees who are their standout creatives. We hope you enjoy your stay here and find it useful!



This page showcases people within design with the aims to network and give feedback and make meaningful connections.


You can also find the 21' Grads Feature here too! This was a project set up to showcase the fresh young talent and use this platform for good!

old but gold

female creatives

Celebrating and elevating women* within the creative industries. We want to make it easy to find the important stories that matter and as an all female platform we feel very strongly about this.

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*This category is for anyone who identifies as women as well as anyone who identifies as non-binary.

expanding our content

We are expanding our content and improving our existing content! We hope 'Featured' will develop and be more meaningful and we are also adding to our Instagram only content!

Takeovers will become more regular over the course of this year and we are also introducing a new bit of content to our IG! Standout is creatives that will be featured on the page directly recommended by other creatives.

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