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Do something that creates a buzz, something you can push out on socials that attract people to you. A slight role-reversal never hurts. Be disruptive. - Jon Francis

Students give university so much priority that it becomes part of their identity, to be a “student” - always waiting for the right of passage, so they can move on from university and finally find their place within the industry. All of my achievements I can recall throughout that time, all of them have been due to being proactive within the industry.

- Lovish Saini

Don't just stick to what you are used to, some of my best work came from doing things outside of my comfort zone. If you keep yourself in the same box you will never grow. You will always be stuck to the confines of the box you put yourself in. - Shelby Smyth


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Sarah Twelves
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We spoke about travelling all around the world, what made her choose a design degree, advice for new grads, designing for Cavendish Cancer Care, the name of her dog and what's next!

Amy Kilner

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We talk about designing art work for Fatboy Slim, how she got into design, what influences her as a designer, The Design Fix, Rise At Seven and... what's next!

Sarah Boris

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We talk about how important it is to tell your story, how to overcome anxiety before talks or podcasts, how showing your emotions makes the best clients, her work being exhibited internationally and what's next!

Kieron Lewis

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We talk about what got him into design, working with Adobe, D&AD, his collaboration with Olga Kotovska to form Olga & Kay, being a public speaker, how important it is to take opportunities and what's next!


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