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hana tintor

she/her | site | instagram | linkedin

Hana is Zagreb based illustrator, director and animator. She graduated with a MA in visual communications (School of Design, Zagreb) and an MA in Illustration&Book Arts (Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge UK).

Her work is mostly inspired by eavesdropping and observing people. (She is not a stalker, I swear.) Hana's experience spans children's and adult's picture books, editorial, murals, animated films, visual identities, comics.

Her illustrations are playful, brave, sometimes sexy, often humorous, with a strong narration element that leaves space for a viewer's imagination.

She is available for both illustrated and animated collaborations!

What do you love the most about being a creative?

What I love about being creative, in a professional view, is that I can find a story in everyday moments. Also the "power" of visualizing a better world when that's needed! But, being creative helped me in situations like camping, or living in tiny spaces. It's all about play and letting go your adult part of mind :)

What is your best piece of advice for young creatives?

My best piece of advice would be something that I often say to myself when I feel an imposter syndrome crawls to my mind: Less scrolling, more drawing! (or any creating that you do) and: stop when it starts to feel forced. Breaks and rest are equally important as creating.

more of hana's work:


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