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megan vickers

I’m a graphic designer currently based in sunny Bolton, Greater Manchester. I am an expert tea maker (according to my grandma) and self proclaimed cheese twist expert. I have a broad experience in design, advertising and marketing gained throughout my time at university when I studied and was also employed within various areas of the company as well as most recently at my time at Manchester United.


Outside of this I undertake my own passion projects such as Let’s Talk Creative, a creative platform that I founded, manage and love. This platform has reached out to 50+ Creatives from all over the world and is spreading fast. We have spoken to creatives such as Katy Cowan, Craig Oldham, Dan Forster, Hannah Bacon, Sarah Boris and more!

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Let's Talk Creative is a platform that gives advice to young creatives in industry, interview professionals, feature the fresh faces in the creative industries and provides takeovers to give a unique insight to industry on Instagram. We also ask each of our interviewees who are their standout creatives.


We interview the leaders in the creative industries from Katy Cowan at Creative Boom to the Director of Birmingham Design Luke Tonge. We believe that talking to experienced professionals is important in order to get a raw and honest, first hand view of industry.


Featured aims to showcase young creatives with the aims to network, give feedback and make meaningful connections. So go click on the features here, check them out and say hello! If you know anyone that should be featured click here and fill in the form.

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