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Our Vision


Let’s Talk Creative believes in a diverse and fair future. We do not want to sit back and accept the norm and will attempt to call people out (including ourselves). 


We want to work on this by being consistent and diverse with our interviews and continuing to feature all young creatives. We also want to work on adding more takeovers to give a unique insight into industry.


Creativity is at the heart of everything and we want to celebrate it.




We are open to collaborate and have done so with Point of You Magazine.


We are also looking for partnerships in order to keep running Let’s Talk Creative. Please contact us HERE to find out more.


Why Google Ads?


We run Google Ads on our site in order to keep Let’s Talk Creative running.


Will you charge to read interviews?


We will not charge for interviews as we want to be accessible for all. However some interviews might be member only which is free of charge.


How do I create my account?


You can create your account by clicking the icon in the menu.


Can I delete my account?


You can delete your account anytime as per our privacy policy.


If I create an account will I be spammed?


You will not be spammed by us. We email once per month with ‘ltc roundup’ and you can choose to be notified when we post a new interview or feature.


Do you make a profit?


We do not make a profit and any money made from partnerships or advertising is directly put into the running costs of Let’s Talk Creative.

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