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phoebe storer

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Hi! My name is Phoebe and I am a recent design graduate from the University of Salford. I absolutely love colour and mixing traditional methods of working with the digital. My most recent big project, I illustrated, made and bound a children’s book which allowed me to develop skills within illustration and storytelling. As part of my practice I love to work with air dry clay and gouache, creating coasters, tea light holders and cute greeting cards on the online selling platform, Etsy. I get really inspired by other independent makers and designers such as Jacqueline Colley and Hattie Stewart. When I’m not tinkering away at my computer or covered in paint, you can often find me singing (a bit too loudly) at the theatre, walking my dog Ralph or baking a fresh batch of lemon drizzle!

You can find my work at or my Instagram, @psartdesigns. I’m always down for a good chinwag so feel free to pop me a message or an email at

more of phoebe's work:

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