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beth harrison

she/her | instagram | linkedin

I'm Beth, a branding and packaging designer based in London. Originally from up North, I studied design in Preston before making the venture to the big smoke in search of bold design agencies and big clients. Over 4 years into my career, I've worked in global packaging design for brands such as Cadbury & Toblerone, tried my hand at branding for corporate & arts sectors, and more recently, joined the team at B&B studio, helping start-ups and sustainable, innovative clients bring their products to life with impactful branding & packaging.

The thing I love most about design is the challenge. My favourite part of the process is always the ideas, the thrill of taking an existing or new brand and discovering how I can make it better, different, impactful and memorable with simple but brave ideas.

Info about her projects:

  • Cadbury Mystery Bar, 2 limited edition, mystery flavoured bars I designed the packaging for last year

  • Toblerone seasonal range, I created this concept and the packs back in 2021/22

  • Goodfellas rebrand, this was my first project at Bulletproof, I designed the logo, overall branding, pack design, campaign inspiration and guidelines

  • The Body Shop, this was a conceptual personal project I did last year. I was doing a lot of food and beverage packaging and really wanted to see where my strengths and weaknesses lay when I moved away from that field, so I tried this out in my own time.

more of beth's work:

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