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josh drakes

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Hey Josh, how’s things?

Hey Meg, not too bad. Just trying to survive like every other creative!

For those that don’t know tell us about yourself

I’m Joshua Drakes, A artist based out of Manchester. I’m a man that wears many hats!

Always been interested in photography?

For sure, I’ve always been in the photography world since a kid from my mother always having a camera around.

Let’s talk about your career to date you are a photographer and visual artist am I right?

That’s correct.

Which do you prefer?

Well, visual arts for sure, my background is in Media / Graphic Design so if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be where I am.

How did you start out in this industry?

Just through out of curiosity, also always having a love for the arts. My earliest starts was Myspace back in my day doing website layouts.

What is your photography style/genre?

Fashion Photography but through my lens of art.

How did you develop this?

Lots of youtube videos, lots of music video watching and movies.

Is there a particular photoshoot you enjoyed, and why?

My most recent shoot for my Creative Platform Seeing Red, it’s a shoot inspired by my own feelings of being lost in a white world as a black person and finding comfort in my community of fellow black creatives.

You have a big following on social media with over 12.000 followers on your instagram accounts, how have you built this?

Years of grinding, being active on socials and just putting my work out!

Is it something that has happened naturally or you have focused on?

Yeah it is, I don’t let numbers bother me.

Is social media important for getting clients?

In this day in age, yes. But also having a personal brand too.

How hard is getting a steady income from the photography industry?

Very, I’m still working towards that but depends on your style of work.

Any tips you could give?

As cliche as it is, keep going, keep putting your work out, never be afraid of collaborating with others (that doesnt mean to always work for free neither) and always create personal work.

I want to start featuring more people on this platform so with this in mind, who are your standout creatives?

For sure, @akashkhadka, @ezekixl @hmdfilm @aslicanmete & @sophiacarey

For my final question, whats next?

Growing my creative platform! And more commercial work.

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