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terence tudor

Hello! First of all, How are you?

Hey! I'm doing great thank you. I hope you’re doing well.

Do you have any fun facts about yourself?

I save way too much stuff on Instagram and I love collecting art and Design books.

For those of us who do not know, who is Terence Tudor?

I'm a design graduate from Birmingham, with a passion for all things creative.

Have you been working on anything design-wise lately?

Most recently I’ve been making myself a calendar, a little late in the year I know. A lot of the design I do lately is just personal projects where I have fun making things that I want.

Could you tell me more about your Instagram account design sketchbooks?

@Designsketchbooks is a curated collection of sketchbooks brought together to inspire creators and allow a glimpse into the intimate process of making. Taking a step back from the polished work we often see on social media in favor of the process behind it. Highlighting sketchbooks from a wide array of disciplines to allow the cross-pollination of ideas and inclusion of the wider creative community.

What encouraged you to create this account?

I've always been fascinated by the process of making and how different people approach it, seeing other sketchbooks was always so much fun for me. The biggest inspiration for me when creating the account was having conversations with friends about the creative process, and I was also inspired by Johnny Hardstaff’s sketchbook archives on his website, and also Pavel Ripple’s Instagram account. There is a whole heap of design inspiration accounts but there wasn’t an account sharing design sketchbooks so I wanted to fill that gap.

Who has been your favourite creative that you've featured so far?

Honestly, it would be so hard to pick, every sketchbook page I share is from an awesome creative. I share sketchbook pages that I think are cool, so the account is curated to my taste. They all just work so well together as a collection.

What advice would you have for creatives that struggle with networking and reaching out to other creatives?

This is something that I still struggle with, it can be really hard putting yourself out there and networking with others. My advice would be to build genuine connections, reach out to people who's work you really like, and let them know you think they are doing great. I do recommend you read Share your Work by Austin Kleon and Feck Perfection by James Victore, these are two books that have really helped me on this topic.

Whats your favourite design book?

Its Designing design by Keyna Hara

Who are your stand-out creatives at the moment?

Here are a few creatives who are doing great things. @annam.lls @bermudatrips @moderndayconfucius @luuuuuuuuut @woshiibaii @bergerfohr @belovednekotattoo

For my final question, what’s next?

I would like to keep making and to keep being creative. I'm hoping to get a job within the design industry to kickstart my design career. I am planning on creating a blog for design sketchbooks, I would love to do interviews with creators and deep dive into people's sketchbooks.


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