We ask our interviewees who their standout creatives are at the end of every interview. This will provide a comprehensive list of creatives who may not have the biggest followings but still deserve a platform. It aims to give back to the industry and share support for everyone. *we aim to update this page every two weeks

point of you

miriam levi

maisie benson

emma barber


sophia carey

hannah kirkland

josh drakes

alex heron

iz ahmed


maisie benson

megan heath

tim wilcox

helena davey

elle eveleigh

amy joslyn


jane anderson

verònica fuerte

mary hemingway

> interview

megan reddi

rachel tunstall

taaryn bench

pickle illustration

yuk fun


lwd birmingham

abby rielly

zoe roberts

tina jiwa


martin donnelly

stanley chow

jimmy turell


eleanor spickett

bella loughlin

terence tudor

anna mills

dean edmonds

leon xu

luise thoma

woshi bai

Berger & Föhr

neeraj kainth

dan silverstone

cherie kwok

emily birch


hannah bacon

lemon tree design studio

blake fullwood

nicolette lia

sam curcio