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selina dooley

How are you?

​Hello Megan, I’m good, thank you. I think it’s a great thing you’re doing on your blog by the way.

For those that don’t know, tell us about yourself.

​My name is Selina and I’m the Creative Lead at 13creative, a fully integrated creative agency based in Warrington. I’m also a mum to two cherubs, Blake and Eva.

Give us 5 facts about yourself!

Fun fact 1: I was born in Amsterdam. Fun fact 2: I lived in Germany for 12 years. Fun fact 3: I’ve lived in three countries. Fun fact 4: I got married on my 30th birthday. Fun fact 5: I passed my driving test when I was pregnant with my daughter at 32 weeks.

Is graphic design something you have always wanted to do?

​When I was younger I wanted to become an artist. Graphic design peaked my interest when I was in Sixth Form. I’ve always been fascinated with visual communication and how we communicate with each other visually.

You’re a senior designer at 13creative, what’s it like working here?

​We are a tight-knit, supportive team with a tendency to talk about food a lot which results in the occasional Treat Fridays. We help each other creatively and learn new skills to bolster our service offerings.

What does 13creative do differently than other agencies?

​At 13c, we first learn and understand our client's stories to provide the best creative solution that is tailored to them and their brand story. We love a good challenge as we take on a plethora of briefs, from interior design to video productions. Our team aims to evolve and thrive on creating bespoke solutions to answer a client’s brief.

What do you believe is important for good graphic design?

​The key ingredient for good graphic design is coming up with the best creative solution and execute it well. It’s all about the message delivered to the end-user. Look outside of your comfort zone; be inspired by the unusual and push boundaries within the industry. I also believe that there need to be more industry links with universities to help young talents transition into agency life and nurture future generations for a more creative talent pool in the UK.

Your agency is open to internships, what do you look for in good candidates?

​We look for a passionate individual who can offer a wide variety of skills. In today’s industry, you are expected to be able to work across various disciplines. Even if you haven’t got those skills today, your enthusiasm should impress us. Interest in the latest trends and technology would be desirable.

Leading on from that what advice would you give to recent grads looking to join the industry?

​Be persistent! There are opportunities out there; the key is to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your portfolio and CV shine; run a spell check; ask for feedback from agencies. Make sure you present yourself well. Pick up the phone and ask for the Creative Director’s name and address the cover letter to them as well as sending your work to the right person. Always follow up an email and be clear about how much you would love an opportunity with your dream agency. Do your homework and research the agency. Talk about their ethos and how you could fit into their business seamlessly.

For my final question, what's next for Selina Dooley?

​My journey with 13c would entail pushing the agency’s creativity to new heights and overseeing the creative department as the Creative Director.

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