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rosie sheppard

Hello! I’m Rosie Sheppard and I have just finished studying Graphic Design at Falmouth University.

I would say I am a big creative thinker, constantly trying to adapt my ideas and creating realistic and intriguing outcomes.

I have a deep interest in human behaviour and human thinking and I like to incorporate that into my work. I would also consider myself as quite a multidisciplinary designer, I love branding, UX, UI, editorial design and campaigns. I am originally from the Midlands and moving back up there very soon to spend a bit of time making money until I hopefully move to Manchester next year!

I would love to eventually land myself a job as an art/creative director as I would love to work with groups of talented creatives helping make my visions come to life! I am also very keen to have my own podcast in the not too distant future! When I’m not designing, I’m either working out, doing yoga, spending time with friends and family or finding something new to eat!

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