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rosie mossop

Hi! I'm Rosie, a Cumbrian, houseplant obsessed, curious graphic designer motivated by the ability to design for positivity.

My focus is mainly on functional design, with an aim to improve an audience's experience, often leading to projects based around accessibility or mental wellbeing. Put simply, I like creating things that make life seem a little better. I try to bring my positive, playful personality into my work whenever I can, and am always wanting to learn something new - in both my design work and personal life.

At University, I learned the value in experimentation and research, with the majority of projects leaning towards print design as I love the feeling of being able to get hands-on and feel the physicality of a finished piece. However, I'm certainly not limited to print, and always like to try new ways of working.

A sentiment I always keep in mind, from Anthony Burrill, is "work hard and be nice to people".


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