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rachael beers

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Who is Rachael?

A young Graphic Designer who strives to go above and beyond in her work, Rachael is a fun-loving but work-driven individual with a passion for arts.

After finding graphic design in 2017, she’s been hooked on creating artwork that catches the attention of anyone’s eye. Now, pursuing a degree in graphic design at the University of Bolton, Rachael is determined to turn her passion of creating art into an everyday reality.

Why Rachel won the award.

So Rachael stood out to me as someone who was extremely driven and wanting to go far within the creative industry. When I attended the in-University session she spoke me through her work, took advice on board and gave clear rationale behind her design choices. As this award was mainly focusing on helping and supporting the next generation I believed that she would get a lot out of it which was only amplified when she reached out to me online and invited more submissions to the award.


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