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Mistakes I would say are more important in life than successes.

In order to explain my points, I’m going to provide some context about me. Graphic design was never at the fore point of my mind or goals until A-levels in which I applied for the course on a whim having attended an open day at another college and finding that it wasn’t for me. At the other college, I was going to study photography. I then switched to study photography, graphic design, and maths. The latter of the options quickly turning out to be a mistake. In secondary maths was one of my strong points and in college, this was not the case. I was bottom of the pile only scraping through my first year. Second-year came along and I honestly crumbled under the pressure. My mental health was at an all-time low and I couldn’t keep up with the workload and overall just felt suffocated by the subject. Luckily I was able to transfer over onto the first year criminology course. This was a wise choice as I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the subject. It also helped me prioritise myself and the other courses. It was a huge mistake picking maths but I learned from it and ultimately came out stronger.

This mentality has helped me a lot when studying graphic design and looking at projects that have failed. One big mistake was me trying to be good at everything. In 2019 I created the YouTube channel ‘MV Studios’. This was actually a rebrand of the existing channel I had and had uploaded onto previously. I have always been interested in videography from my grandad who worked as a freelance until very recently. But with this rebrand, I branded myself as something better than I was. I’m an okay photographer and designer but videography was average at best. You may think, okay that’s nice but how does this relate? Well, before I left to study in Bolton I had plans to do a lengthy video about my hometown of Louth. I completed this in August 2019. I uploaded this video and it gained 200ish views. A couple of months pass and I receive a comment.

"Possibly, correction - probably the worst video ever posted on youtube. In the future, please leave it to the professionals. Don't ever give up your day job."

This one comment has stopped me in my tracks and allowed me to reflect on my decisions and content. Since I posted the video I have posted two further videos but once I received that comment 6 months ago I have since not uploaded it on my channel. I took this comment quite personally and it honestly put me in my place and might’ve been what I needed. The quote leaves it to the professionals stuck with me. At face value, the comment looks like a generic hate comment but it made me think about how I branded the content. I used a fancy name, logo, and identity when in hindsight it is just me with my camera and a shoulder mount. It made me think, do I need these fancy graphics? No. MV Studios is gone, I have since rebranded my photography and design pages because it is just me. I made the mistake of trying too many things when I could’ve concentrated on a couple and did them well. I am glad I did these things though if I didn’t the thought of wanting to try it would always be there and it would distract from what I want to do. Create good designs and photography.

I guess my point is as a designer or a photographer or whatever you’re trying to do, you will make mistakes. That’s okay! You will misjudge conversations or briefs, it won’t be what the client wants but in life, nothing is ever perfect. Nothing is ever right on the first try. You learning from that will be more influential than if it went well. Without mistakes, we will never grow and learn. We are all human, we all make mistakes and we all deserve the chance to learn and grow.