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mark bamo

Samādhi is described in the oldest Buddhist suttas, as a state of meditative consciousness in which the mind is in a state of mindful presence.

This game has been created with one purpose in mind: to help you feel more present. It embodies the research from a large variety of cultures, fields and studies that come together as the first version of a mindfulness board game. The main concept behind Samādhi takes the psychology of anxiety-relief into a tangible scenario.

The game is designed to be immersive, with all the elements playing a part into creating an evocative and relaxing experience. It aims to involve the players’ five senses, transporting the players to a hike up Mount Dhyāna, bringing nature into the equation. The rounds are meant to be short (10-20min) and the difficulty is left down to the players to decide. It can act as a routine activity or be something that breaks a stressful day. It can be played by young or elderly, and has the potential to be regenerative and positive in people of all ages. Samādhi is designed to be as competitive as one would like to make it, creating a gameplay that is lead by its players. It also has the potential to become a window into nature.

This specific version has used a hike by Kraig Adams through the Picos de Europa in Asturias. However, it opens the door to future version inspired by a variety of routes and hikes, becoming a tool and a resource encouraging preservation of these breath-taking places. Samādhi aims to ground the players in their surroundings, attempting to translate the basics of mindfulness meditation into its gameplay mechanics. It creates a state of gentle focus that aims to spark lucid moments of clarity for the players. Ultimately, it is a celebration of the Now, and a tool to help us enjoy it more often.


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