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He/him | We spoke on 3rd august 2020 | Updated on 1st september 2021

Hi Henry, looking through your website I found that you are very passionate about photography and radio. What interests you about each industry?

With radio it's very personal, it's an honour that people choose my show as a companion through part of their day. Especially during Lockdown, for some of my listeners, mine was the only voice they heard week to week. It is a responsibility and I take it very seriously.

With photography, I love capturing moments, whatever they maybe. I particularly love the challenge of photographing a talented and passionate rock band playing to their home crowd. I often capture moments in those gigs the band didn't even realise happened, on a few occasions, I've even photo'd bands and they didn't know till the morning I was there when they woke up to a load of tagged images on social media. I also love to document memories with people. I think band photography is my favourite and one of the most challenging with the lowlight conditions.

I noticed you recently took some photographs for the National Trust as a volunteer photographer. I’m intrigued as to how that works. Could you go into a bit more information about the process and what happens with your photography?

I was approached by the Visitor Experience Manager to apply when the needed to refresh the team at Gunby. But they are always interested in volunteer photographers. The photos I take are lightly edited but sent full size to the V.E.M. who then turns them into interesting social media posts. Once the images are handed over, they become the property of The National Trust, so to share on my social media I need to take extra shots I keep for my own use. Working for The National Trust enhances my portfolio and has led to a few interesting commissions.

You do a lot of different types of photography: radio, gigs, landscape, heritage, publicity, and studio. Is there one which you like the most?

Definitely gigs and publicity. As previously mentioned, I love capturing moments and documenting memories. Back in the 90s, I was a fashion model and now I like to prepare potential models for work with digital portfolios, health/fitness advice, and even diet/sleep advice. Being a model is similar to doing sport, you have to take care of yourself in every respect or the career won't last long.

Looking back if you didn’t get into photography, what do you think you would be doing instead?

I don't know actually, radio, DJ'ing, and photography are the only things I really enjoy doing.

On your website, you state ‘In 2008 I started my own business helping young people achieve their goals with publicity images’. I bet that it is very rewarding, am I correct in saying you are someone to likes to give back to the community?

Yes. I took too much during the 90s, I'm sure some would say from that time that I was greedy, selfish, and not very nice to know. Then I had a brush death from impending liver failure which put life into perspective, I was an addict of alcohol and drugs, I had to give both those up very quickly to survive, which I did. I saw life very differently after that and after a few years working in a photo lab and studio, I saw an opportunity to change my life for the better, and start giving back and it's very rewarding.

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