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laura tobin

Hello! I’m Laura.

I am a recent Photography graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, a Community Manager at Disgraceful Magazine and a small business owner based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am an enthusiastic and innovative creative, who has a passion for craft. Alongside my love for photography, I also have a strong interest for graphic design and illustration, which can be seen throughout my work. I strongly value the importance of spreading kindness and positivity, as well as drawing awareness to contemporary issues. I enjoy taking daily snapshots with my 35mm film camera and producing branding design for local businesses, although, my passion lies within fashion photography and publication design.

Additionally, I enjoy uplifting others and community building through creating platforms and offering a helping hand. I have recently curated the publication 'HerStory' which features a wide range of female creatives in the hope to promote their work and create a community. This is something I hope to continue with throughout my career, in various creative roles and passion projects.

When I am not sat at my computer, I can typically be found drinking plenty of tea, walking my Scottish Terrier, Angus, or watching way too many romantic comedies!


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