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duncan thompson

My name is Duncan Thompson, (Born 1998), hailing from the tropical climates of Burnley, East Lancashire in England. I love a good chippy, the colour green, live music and debating the one true name for a roll (It’s a teacake).

Specialising in documentary photography based around social issues and representation of communities within the UK. Using a mix of digital and film photography allows me to achieve specific aesthetics and be honest and personable through the work I produce. I have an interest in documenting occupations which are fading into obscurity or out of modern knowledge to preserve them for later generations to comprehend the changing nature of the modern world.

After having a broken camera and some film I needed developed back in 2017, I popped into the local photography shop and after a quick chat with one of the staff, I was working there a week later. From there my interest in photography developed.

I am about to graduate from Edinburgh Napier University in 2021 with a BA (Hons) in Photography.

My most recent project is “Fish Out of Water” which is my final year major project. The documentary series examines the vital role of the fish and chip shop within its local community, with an emphasis on how it has served its constituents during the lockdown. The project took place around the areas of Burnley and Pendle in East Lancashire, England. Photographing within a mile radius of each chippy presented, it shows the immediate community and their identity which has been affected by Coronavirus restrictions. The project references the working class roots of the food. Presented in the format of a tabloid newspaper giving a nod to the historical wrapping of the food in old newspapers whilst alluding readership to the common stereotype that the working class only read tabloid papers.

My website is feel free to check it out! I’m always more than happy to have a chat about my work and photography in general!

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