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brogan devlin

I am an Irish graphic designer based in Manchester. I have a particular interest in design for social change, motion graphics and publications.

My first project is my self-initiated publication which focuses on British imperialism within Ireland, how this caused a divided country and what that means today. I wanted to create an educational book for visual learners. After moving to Manchester from Northern Ireland I noticed a lack of understanding from my peers due to the absence of education on this topic.

I used collage as an exploration of my personal Irish Catholic lived experience compared with that of a British Northern Irish experience. I want Britain to take responsibility for the cultural annihilation caused in the quest for the ‘Great’ British Empire.

In the lead up to events and festivals returning this summer I also wanted to contribute towards harm reduction by collaborating with The Loop to produce a summer campaign. The Loop operate as a NFPO drug safety, welfare and harm reduction service. I felt that motion design could transfer well into the festival scene. I have created a combination of animations, motion graphics and kinetic type which will be screened to a live audience in between festival acts. These visuals have also been broken into more digestible parts which will run across both The Loops and the METROS platforms during the 21st–27th of June.

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