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ben wild

Hey Ben, how are you?

​I'm good ta!

For people that do not know, who is Ben Wild?

​I am Ben Wild, I was fortunate enough to become a professional artist at the age of 16. I later became freelance & worked on a collection of totally different projects from storyboards for movies, portraits of footballers to even toy designing. My freelance & semi permanent work allowed me to travel & with one film studio I got to see a lot of the world. More recently I have launched my own film & animation studio. We are working with some awesome global clients such as, Man City, Amazon & many more. The studio is called Ben Wild Studios & it’s currently a team of 2.

You are well established on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, how important do you think social media platforms are in order to getting your work out there?

​Social media has become the normal/necessity for getting your work out there. This isn’t a good or bad thing. I don’t care too much for the amount of likes or followers a creative has, usually your work can speak for itself, though it can be useful in some circumstances to have a few hundred followers.

How did you get into Animation and Illustration?

​It sounds cliche, but I just always enjoyed drawing more than anything else. It kinda just stuck.

You have worked with many big name clients such as Amazon, McLaren, and the Premier League. Which was your favourite project to work on?

I don’t have one project which stands out as my favourite, but I love trying new things. Some of my favourite projects to date are, 1. Creating the hand drawn animation for the cinema screen above the players as Man City did the newly won trophy lift. 2. Working on a children’s book which took me to New York. 3. Working on a few short movies for the BBC.

You recently set up Ben Wild Studios, what influenced this change?

​I felt like it was the next move for my freelance, as that was growing too much for just a sole enterprise.

For my final question, whats next for Ben Wild?

​We want to continue to push for charitable jobs & opportunities alongside our commercial gigs. We are also looking to grow the team.

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