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aimee brookes

Hey Aimee, first of all, how are you?

​I’m doing great! How are you!? (Great thanks!)

Give us five fun facts about yourself!

​I used to dance from the ages of 2-18. All genres from street dance to tap and ballet. (Ballet was my favourite!) My favourite colour is yellow, I feel that it is a happy colour! My phone is yellow, the inside of my car is yellow and the things that I regularly use are all yellow. I feel it helps me be a happier person! I worked in a nightclub for 5 years and got paid to party! I am a Fulham football club fan and go to most of the matches. I run my own small business with my auntie (Hertfordshire bakehouse) she makes cakes and bakes whilst I make the cake toppers and accessories!

For those that do not know who is Aimee Brookes?

​I am a 23-year-old social media, and bright colour enthusiast from London :)

So what made you choose a design degree?

​To be totally honest I wanted to be a ballerina! But when I was at school my maths and art teachers told me that I’d be a good designer as I was good with shapes. I went to college and my teacher looked at my portfolio and said ‘you’re a graphic designer’. I had no idea what that was and just went with it!

Design is just something that comes naturally to me and I enjoy it, so why not learn more about it!

Tell me about One YMCA.

​One YMCA is a charity that supports youths, Heath and wellbeing, family’s, nursery’s and education, accommodation and more in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire! I posted my work on Twitter and they messaged me asking if I’d like to join their marketing team! I love working for such a ‘do good’ company.

I saw your post on Linkedin that showed you spray painting. Tell us more!

​In my spare time, I learned to live spray painting! In lockdown last year I spray painted the shutter of a bar in Eastcote and did some art on the walls inside. This was extra fun! I don’t do this too much but would love to do more when I get the chance.

How would you describe your art style?

​I wouldn’t say I have an art style apart from being extra bright and colourful. I also love big bold type and shoving everything on a page!

For my final question, what's next for Aimee Brookes?

​I’d like to stay with One YMCA for a while and help to get their social media and marketing to where they want to be. The aim is to get one of their posts to go viral! On the side, I’d like to do more spray painting!


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