My name is Morgan Vickers and this is the first time I have created anything like this before. So, a bit about me I am a graphic designer currently studying at the University of Bolton going into my second year. I am originally from Louth, Lincolnshire and have lived there all of my life until university where I relocated to Bolton.


So why write a blog? And plans moving forward.


I wanted to write a blog to speak to other creatives and professionals within the industry as well as broadcast my thoughts and experiences within my first year of university as well as A-levels or anything that is applicable. I also wanted to create it to discuss topics within the industry or my thoughts with what is going on in the world. 


Moving forward I hope to expand this further and make the blogs more regular as well as go more in-depth to projects I am working on or have worked on in the past. I also want to explain how much I have learned from the first year of university and go into mistakes and errors which are so crucial to learn from.


So, why should I read the blog?


I have some very exciting interviews coming up with recent graduates, freelancers as well as people from the graphic design and photographic industries. A big thank you to Jon Francis with help for this. If this isn’t enough I hope that my personal experiences and reflections will be useful. 


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Thank you for reading this,


We spoke on 3rd August 2020