mistakes pt. 2

Written by Megan Vickers | #design

This post follows on from the previous mistakes post. If you have not read that yet it is linked here. For those that have, I will offer a refresher. In that post, I mentioned how much mistakes allow you to grow and better yourself. I still stand by this and wanted to expand on this sentiment and link it in with this year as well as this blog.

I created this blog in August of 2020 in the summer between my first and second year of university. I released the blog on Adobe Portfolio in order to get it out in any way that I could. This meant cutting corners in terms of the design and functionality of the blog. I also began to release two posts per week which in its infancy was too much to read. It meant that I was unable to give each post and each person the correct time is needed in order to be successful. This mistake in turn allowed the blog to grow. I switched over to another website provider and designed the site specifically to how I wanted it. I also changed to one post a week and also changed how I promote each post, experimenting with Instagram stories as well as creating graphics that shows quotes from the post.

This lead to another mistake. Once again I got complacent with the visual style of the blog and how I promoted it. When I created the page layouts I got lazy and copied designs from previous pages. I soon realised that the blog I created was one that I wasn’t proud of anymore. It was not what I envisioned when I first had the idea to create a blog. This mistake allowed me to think more about what I wanted the blog to become and why was I doing it.

Mistakes are important in order to grow. I realised this when creating the blog. I am at a stage where I’m enjoying the blog again and I’m having fun designing it. I have found a style that I am confident with and I wouldn’t be at this stage unless I went through mistakes. You can notice mistakes yourself or they could be pointed out to you by others. One thing that used to be hard for me was understanding when I have made a mistake. I also found that I became defensive when it was pointed out to me. This was until I learned that in life if you don’t accept your mistakes and imperfections then you will not learn and grow.

I couldn’t finish this blog post without mentioning this year. This year has been hard for a lot of people, as a University student I have not experienced the hardship that a lot of people have endured but I have witnessed communities coming together and supporting each other. One such point would be creating this blog to which I owe a lot of people thanks. Without these people, the blog would not be where it is today: Jon Francis, The Cheeky Seal, Anna Roberts, Lovish Saini, Jak Spedding, Jason Holmes, Youssef Tarek, Kalina Nikolova, Shelby Smyth, Jasmine Thomas, Dan Forster, Jaheed Hussain, Ya'Qub Mir, Ansh Sachdeva, Luke Tonge, James Holland, Jamie Kelly, Dani Molyneux, Phil Cookson, John Haslam, Yas Banks & Dejan Dinov.

I hope that you have found this post useful,

Stay safe and make sure to look out for and check up on each other.

Thank you for the support so far,

Megan Vickers


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