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jason holmes

He/him | We spoke on 20th August 2020

Hi Jason, You studied at the University of Bolton as a student and then as a student-teacher. How was it to come back and teach more young designers?

Thoroughly enjoyable, as a designer you soon learn that everyone has a style that they like, which the university helps you develop and commercialise. TO see so many different styles is always inspiring. Teaching design is like visiting an art gallery, each piece is so different, some you like, some you might no, but everything in the gallery is usually there on merit.

What got you into the idea of teaching?

I had been asked back by Emma on the Animation course to give a guest lecture a couple of times. I was meant to give a one hour lecture, but each time I ended up spending nearly three very enjoyable hours at the University just answering questions. To see students actively engaged in what I had to say was very rewarding. That's why I decided to come back and do my PGCE.

You post inspiring quotations and also run the ‘Inspired Company Podcast’ tell me more about this.

I believe we live in a world where we only idolise the so-called 'celebrities'. Say hypothetically, Dave who lives down the road comes up with a quote, nobody really listens. However, if the latest Big Brother contestant says the same quote, everyone jumps on the bandwagon sharing that quote all over social media. So I decided to start interviewing everyday people I find inspiring. This can be about business, design, freelancing, mental health, motivation, exercise, basically anything. So far I have interviewed a personal trainer, a freelance logo designer, a motivational speaker, a world champion bartender come, a math teacher, a close protection bodyguard, a singer-songwriter who has been performing for over 40 years, and an entrepreneur who set up an online business and made himself a millionaire in five years. It's come to a bit of a standstill for now, but it was never going to be a full-time venture, just something that I could dip into now and again every time I met someone I found inspiring. The idea is these people are everyday people, not celebrities, and that to me is inspiring.

You gave advice on the Chinwaggers blog for graduates in 2020. Would your advice still be the same?

100%, all I might add is remember it's your life. Don't waste it trying to impress the boss of a company you don't see a future at. I've seen people miserable at £50k salaries and people genuinely happy on £25k. Money isn't everything, find a role that you are happy waking up in the morning to go to.

You once told me that you were highly interested in photography and like to take walks. Is this where you get your creative juices flowing?

Yes, but it's different for everyone. Some of my friends need the pressure to get their inner creativity out, last-minute deadlines, and so forth. Some like to go to the gym, some work better in groups, some alone. Creativity is very personal, and my way is being outside walking my dog.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you, what is next for Jason Holmes?

Fox Print Co, a poster business I've been putting off setting up for years selling design prints. Should be launched in a week or two. I'm also offering private design tuition after all this pandemic chaos.

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