Ansh Sachdeva

We spoke on 2nd November 2020


For my first question, who is Ansh?

Well, I’m just a boy from New Delhi, India who was always tipped to be failed by his teachers. However, I learned life is much more than winning or losing it is about learning and spreading happiness. 


Give us a fun fact about yourself?

I have got 8 tattoos, not saying that I won’t get anymore haha.

You are the Bolton Students Union President after being reinstated for another year, how does that feel?

It is a great feeling, really humbled that I have the opportunity to represent so many students from such diverse groups.

Being reinstated for another year is humbling & I wish to keep working for the betterment of student life.

At your time spent at this university, what have you achieved? And how do you think this has impacted the students so far?

I believe there have been a few things we have achieved together. I don’t believe in taking credit for anything that I have done as it involves more than one person. So we have achieved various milestones, the university’s growing conversations around Mental Health Awareness. 20,000-pound relief fund during the Cube Fire, Represented students at the Board of governors and secured a budget of £240,000 from the University for the students’ union. Started and promoted mental health events & conversations at the university.

• Started a no to racism campaign in March 2020


• Persuaded students to open new societies like the LGBT, Bollywood society which mark empowerment of diversity of students from different backgrounds &beliefs


• Promoted diverse events like the Black History Month and worked with the chaplaincy in organising cultural awareness weeks


• Organised international student events for the new students to help them settle in and supported them during enrollment.

Initiative & Communication


• Unified students’ union around the country and raised awareness about cladding issues in student accommodations, this came after the Bolton Fire in November 2019 and represented the students on national television at BBC breakfast.


• Worked & networked with Sabbatical officers in and around the northwest and collectively campaigned for free travel for student nurses in universities in greater Manchester during the current pandemic.


• Facilitated talks with private landlords to negotiate contracts for students and spoke about the student concerns on BBC Radio


• Represented students and worked with the university on a No detriment policy and flexible extensions for students due to delays in Covid-19

Looking back do you think you would change anything?

Not even one bit, I am grateful for every moment & learnt from my experiences.

You have spoken countless times about mental health, Is this an important topic for you?

Well, this is something very close to my heart for various reasons, the key one being that it is so important to students, and when I was running for president the first time, I saw how much my campaign around MHA meant to the students. That did make me more serious about it.

The University of Bolton was one of the first to announce its measures in order to keep it a COVID secure campus. How important do you think it was to announce the procedures early in order to make students aware?

Well, the government guidance has been confusing (that’s an understatement). VC Professor Holmes’s vision was to make students aware of the situation, through every step of the process which also aligned with my & the union’s thinking.

We also understand that students have anxiety about Covid -19 and how it would affect being on the Campus. So we found it extremely essential to keep the students informed.

My last question is, what is next for Ansh Sachdeva?

My goal would be to make a positive difference in society. Maybe even achieve world peace one day, who knows ;)

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